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Forest tour

Stončica Bay: hour and a half, George and Bentinck fortresses: 40 minutes, Podselje: 1 hour Oključna: 2 hours, Žena Glava: 1:45, Komiža: 3 hours walk.

Walking along the goats' paths marked as walking trails, you can reach any point on the island of Vis, in 3 hours. On this way, the dimensions and the shape of the island, as well as the dense net of its trails, asphalt paths and roads, enable each walker and passenger to explore part of the unwritten past of numerous Vis walkers for himself.

There are no venomous snakes or spiders on the island, but still you should not disturb the silver and grey Balkan Whip Snakes whilst resting on tanks or ruthlessly destroy the Cross Spider's web when it blocks your way in the forest. Passing through some abandoned vineyard try to stay calm if you meet the Vis' Four-lined snake, a rare and beautiful example of European snake. Harmless for people although fatal for the striped field mouse, the four-lined snake is a symbol of modest enjoyment of nature.

Rosemary, sage and wormwood will stick to your legs and you must wear knee-length socks.

Even if summer is not the right season to walk through Vis' forest, the late afternoon's tour in search of blackberries on the hill or the chance of seeing the sunset from the terrace of George's fortress will be pleasant enough although perhaps in a slightly weaker form.

List of walking trails on the island of Vis
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The path starts from the ferry port and goes along the waterfront to the ancient part of the town Kut. Then, it goes east, following the agricultural bended agricultural path through the spacious gully, up the hill, partly touching serpentines of the newly built asphalted road with which the path is connected on a saddle .One macadam road that leads to the landfills and further to the fortification Wellington, separates here, while our path continues along the asphalted road, about 10-15 minutes of hiking along the edge of the vineyard Veliko Zlo Polje.
On the sharp right corner take the macadam road; after about several hundred meters you will come to the abandoned barrack. First go shortly along the barrack, then sharply right - cut the field and continue the way along wide- field road. Having arrived to the edge of the field, follow the path to the top of Kazel. About 100 meters past the left serpentine, there is the right branch, which leads you straight up to the saddle and then down in a gentle slope to the valley with vineyards. The path goes through the vineyards in the shape of a stream and afterwards it joins the macadam road, which leads to Stončica bay, next to which there is a restaurant.

Ascent: - 170m,
Descent: - 170m,
Time: - 2, 30 h
The path starts from the ferry port and goes along the waterfront to the post office and the marine police station. It continues on the right behind the police station, after that on the left under the vault, and later via stairways up. Having reached the top of the stairs turn left again, than go shortly along the street, turn right to the second narrow street, and then along the concrete uphill road to the next street. Turn left again, and going uphill come to the road. Follow shortly the right direction of the road to the point where the wide path branches off to the left .This serpentine path heads to a saddle. Here, on a small distance from the Chapel of St. Kuzma the path joins the macadam road. Keep on following the macadam road along beautiful vineyards -Vino polje, and then through the valley come to the sharp left bend.
Continue walking towards a small saddle and afterwards through spacious valley – Čajno polje to the next small saddle, which, in a gentle slope, leads to the village Žena Glava. From the top edge of the village walk on across wide ridge of derelict vineyards (the path partly follows the wide dry wall) upwards to the pine wood. After 20 minutes of hiking through the wood you will come to the saddle on the left which goes about 100 meters down to Tito's cave entrance.The path continues uphill through the rare pine wood, and then through macchia to the Chapel of The Holy Spirit (kapelice sv. Duha (564m). From here there is a magnificent view on Komiža and the whole island Vis including adjacent islands. East of the Chapel of The Holy Spirit there is a peak Hum (587m) with radar installation and denied access.

Ascent: - 564m,
Descent: - 000m,
Time: - 4 h
The path starts from the ferry port, leading first along the waterfront to the old part of the town Kut, it continues south through the wide valley uphill to the saddle on which there is an intersection of five old macadam roads. Next to the intersection there is a big cross after which you should go left and after 50-100 meters on the right you will see a good agricultural path going down to the edge of the field.
Cut the edge of the hill and cross again the macadam road. Just after cutting the road, the path starts to branch off. Take the left path and keep following the gentle ascent which, on its right side, provides a view on a smaller field – Veliko Ljubišće. Don't descent in the field but follow the same direction to a small saddle and down through several serpentines to the spacious field –Tiho braće polje. Cut it and keep going down to the asphalted road, which goes shortly left to the bay Milna.

Ascent: - 180m,
Descent: - 180,
Time: - 2,30 – 3 h
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