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List of walking trails on the island of Vis
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This path follows the road from Komiža to Vis. On the first sharp corner the path continues straight upwards, and after the water-well it goes on in bends to the saddle with a Chapel of St. Mihovil on. Just before the Chapel you have to turn left and follow the macadam road which goes upwards. After about 20 minutes of hiking there is a left branch of a good agricultural path which leads along abandoned arable lands and collapsed houses to the west ridge of the hill Mali Hum (515m).
Pass the ancient fortification facilities (buries, ditches, dykes) , come to the belvedere with a splendid view on Komiža , the whole Komiža bay and islands Biševo and Svetac. Then following the gentle slope reach the saddle and descent on the macadam road. Follow shortly the road until you come to quite prominent dry wall and then turn left. The bended path descends on Komiža.

Ascent: - 470m,
Descent: - 470,
Time: - 3 h
The path starts from the Komiža waterfront following the Fishermen's street (Ribarska ulica) .After number 82 it turns right to the street Don Mihovil Pavlinović, and goes straight upwards. The road continues to the right, towards Vis, while the path goes left, first shortly across asphalted, then macadam one and after several hundred meters it becomes an agricultural path. After several hundred meters the path branches off.
On the left side there is a road to Chapel of St. Blaž, while our path goes to the right. Pass a quite twisty ascent and come to the saddle Zagrebenje. Cut the macadam road and following the gentle slope come to the village Oključna. Leave behind yourself the old school, the church and following the macadam road come to the road which leads to Oključna bay.

Ascent: - 390m,
Descent: - 390,
Time: - 2 h
The path starts the same way as the path 15. After branching, on the right side there is a path to Oključna, while our path goes left to the saddle on which there is a Chapel of St Blaž. It goes on to the valley where it joins the macadam road. Arrived here, keep following the twisty road until you come to the saddle with a very big alignment.
From this point one path heads north- west to the village Dragodid, and this goes west to the vineyard bordered with a dry wall next to which there is a water tank. Continue going west, partly on the dry wall and along the well visible path descending to the abandoned barrack. Now take the old macadam road which goes down to the bay with a concrete waterfront (Barjaška uvala) and further to the cape Barjaci where you will notice two destroyed cannon sockets.

Ascent: - 283m,
Descent: - 283,
Time: - 2,5 h
The path starts same as the path 15. Passing the Chapel of St. Blaž the path goes on down to the valley where it joins the twisty macadam road which goes upwards to the saddle with a very big alignment. It continues following the road across the slopes of the Wide hill (Široko brdo) to the spacious plateau with a view on the sharp northern coast of the island and the islands of Split archipelago.
The path continues following the road in a gentle slope to the saddle where, at the first dry wall on the right, the path branches and descends in bends on Komižu.

Ascent: - 420m,
Descent: - 420,
Time: - 3,30 h
This path starts above the parking area of the hotel Biševo. First it follows the road and then it becomes a well visible agricultural path heading first gently and than sharply upwards, along the slopes of the hill Bonovo, to the saddle and further almost along the contour line at the altitude of about 50-80 m to an abandoned barrack. Several hundred meters before the barrack join the macadam road which past the barrack leads down to the bay with a concrete waterfront (Barjaška uvala) and further to the cape Barjaci where you will notice two destroyed cannon sockets.

Ascent: - 100m,
Descent: - 90,
Time: - 2,30 h
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