Nautical tourism

We are all navigation experts

Navigation experts, a colourful society of sailing lovers, more or less accidentally come together in original crews of pretty uncertain sustainability, who are responsible for exposing Vis as a prime destination in the most favourite tour of central Dalmatia for sailors in at least 5 working days.

Some of them will head from the land directly to Vis and some of them will visit Šolta, Brač and Hvar first and then sail to the most prominent settled island in the central Adriatic and choose later: Lastovo or Korčula, or maybe will first visit some of the closer islands: Biševo, Brusnik or Svetac.They are sure to decide tomorrow.

Moored one unusually accessible Vis' waterfront, lulled in their boat living rooms, navigation experts will, put on a long sleeve sweaters at night, whilst many of them will feel as if they have come home for the first time and will be tempted to include a day or two off in their sailing itinerary. This is how Vis is made. Invented to change your itinerary plans. Yachtsmen like to rent scooters and get lost somewhere in the island's interior. They like it when members of the Roki family take them by bus to the Plisko polje where are offered finest gastronomic specialties.

I know of a number of navigation experts who in this way bought land on Vis and changed their course forever.

St. George's Bay
St. George's Bay is a well indented and deeply incised port on the northern part of island of Vis. The hills protect it from southern...
A pilot of the Island of Vis
In the most indented part of the northern island's shore, on the western part from the Port of Vis, is the deeply indented Rogačić Bay...
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