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A Mecca for gourmands and terraces in the heart of town

There are sixteen restaurants in the town of Vis including pizzerias and taverns.

Six of them are located in Kut and all of them have a fish menu whilst ten of them can be found in the Port of which five are pizzerias.

Kut is considered a Mecca for gourmands and each restaurant distinguishes itself with its original culinary approach as well as its unique atmosphere. On the other side, the Port also attracts guests with its diverse offer, a more casual menu perhaps and lately, with the opening of new facilities, follows in the footsteps of the gastronomically respectable Kut.

And whilst restaurants in Kut are located within idyllic gardens and courtyards, in specific booths, the terraces of the restaurants in the Port are located on the town walkways, in the heart of the life of the small town.

List of restaurants and taverns in the Town of Vis

Fast food "Diamond beach"
Owner: Jankov Dean
Address: Rukavac
21 480 VIS
Phone: 091 3736 888, Phone: 091 8851 916, Phone: 091 3333 399
Fast food "PORAT"
Owner. Jelena Ivičević
Address: Šetalište stare Isse 3
21 480 VIS
Phone: 091 792 5614