St. George's Bay

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St. George's Bay

St. George's Bay is a well indented and deeply incised port on the northern part of island of Vis. The hills protect it from southern winds and from the northern part it is partly protected from the north wind by the islet of Host. When the strong bura (north-eastern wind) blows, the most protected of the bays is the Stonca Bay, on the northern part from the Prirovo peninsula, where people throw anchors to a depth of ten metres. Here, when it blows stronger, you might be disturbed by the jugo, whilst in the south-eastern part of the bay, at Kut, you will be swayed by afternoon landward breezes. Although it does not have its own marina, it offers navigation experts an entire waterfront presenting in this way the possibility of becoming part of the day-to-day life of this small town, Vis has become an unavoidable port of call when cruising through central and southern Dalmatia.

Most moorings on the waterfront are situated in the Port. Moorings can be found to the east, where the waterfront begins up to around fifty metres behind the customs pier. On the shore there are lockers with connections for electricity and water. Moorings are set far along the shore so even large boats of up to sixteen metres can be moored here. The depth of the sea in this part of the waterfront is between 2.5 and 3.8 metres. Moorings are distracted only by winds blowing from north and north-east whilst the eastern part of the waterfront is less protected. Moorings are also available on the waterfront in Kut. It is equipped with moorings, water and electricity and it has a capacity of thirty boats. The sea along the shore where boats are moored is from 1.5 to 2.8 metres deep. Even this part of Vis' port is open to winds blowing from north and north-east, but especially for those coming from the north-west and west where sudden summer storms also come from.

Vis' administration founded the Issa Adria Nautika Company to manage the moorings in the Port and in Kut. Their office is also a reception for both Vis' waterfronts.

Close to the reception a new toilet block has been constructed. Moorings should be paid for at the reception.

Moorings in St. George's Bay

60 moorings, 12 yacht lockers – 6 electricity connections, 1 three-phase 3X16A and 5 mono-phases 1X16A.
The depth of the sea is over 4 m, lay up is 35 m from the shore, and toilet facilities are available.
30 moorings, 6 yacht lockers – 6 electricity connections, 1 three-phase 3X16A and 5 mono-phases 1X16A, 2 connections for water.
The depth of the sea is over 3 m, kolpo morto is 35 m from the shore.
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