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The town of Vis today
In the centre of the town of Vis, named after the English admiral, William Smith, is Smiderevo right on the sea shore, is the open-air cinema Hrid.
This cinema has a cult status. Many things make it special; from the blossoming oleanders that surround the screen to being able to borrow soft pillows for the hard chairs and to the always surreal close encounter with the night boat that enters the port during the late evening projection. We must not forget that these open-air cinemas, which play different films every night, are one of the last shelters for smokers.
The summer programme of the Hrid Cinema is a dream for any film fan who can, from 15th June until the beginning of September watch most of the films he might have missed from the season before as well as being able to see some of the greatest films of the coming autumn repertoire.
All visitors to Vis as well as its inhabitants have the possibility becoming members of the town library and reading room. It has been operating within the cultural centre since 1999 and is located in the central part of the Port of Vis, just behind the Austrian, Our Lady's battery fortress.
Besides a comprehensive and regularly updated choice of books, magazines and DVDs, the library also has a children's department where numerous curiosities can be found; from picture-books and cartoons to reading books and a variety of encyclopaedia.
Here English language books can be borrowed too and are mainly easy to read summer books.
Vis guests and tourists can use seasonal membership which costs 30 kunas for the whole family and 20 kunas for individuals.
When, in 1996, Vis theatre enthusiasts performed their first premiere "Now and who knows when", the adapted A.P. Chekhov's Marriage Proposal, they planned to create a new play every year.
That is why Siniša Brajčić translated another of Chekhov's humoresque plays, "The Bear" into Vis dialect so that the following year the "Seamen" was performed. This was followed by "Mirandolina", the"Fishermen's quarrels", an "American Yacht in the Port of Vis" whilst translation is now the responsibility of Lina Blažević. In the fourteen years of their existence, under the leadership of Lenko Blažević, the Ranko Marinković Amateur Theatre has performed the same number of shows and taken part in thirteen festivals of Croatian amateur theatre, winning twelve awards.
The theatre group began as a trio (Siniša Brajčić, Lina Blažević, Zdenko Karuza) and then twenty five amateur actors acted here with at least ten of them being permanently on stage.
The ensemble operates in the Croatian Cultural Centre building. In the attic which they playfully call the "pigeon's house", reading and seated rehearsals take place here whilst scenic rehearsals take place on the large stage, on the floor below, where premiere shows also take place. Completing the show's experience is the full illumination during the summer when spectators can see them in the open-air, against the backdrop of Our Lady's battery, as part of the Vis Summer Event.
Lost paradajz - Izgubljeni pomedor.
On the small, forgotten square located behind the Perast tower, in an abandoned tavern of whose existence a number of Vis citizens are completely unaware, where a very special gallery was opened in 2010. Within the bare wine press, who knows when rejected…
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Croatian Vis Brass Music has existed for 160 years and is one of the oldest popular societies in Croatia. The current leader of the orchestra, whose rehearsals can always be listened to at the Croatian Cultural Centre on the waterfront, is the self-educated multi-instrumentalist Dinko Karuza Moki.
The Wind orchestra has around twenty five musicians and performs in different sets at a number of different occasions; from state holidays to popular feasts, from Town's Day to Mijurovac Night, from most funerals to a few weddings...
Inside Vis' Cultural centre is the music school whose students usually become members of this orchestra.